governing the terms of Claim between the Seller and the Buyer (the "DP")

Introductory provisions.

1. The seller is AYWA sro, Bajkalská 12985 / 9B, Bratislava 831 03 , IČO: 51 860 732, registered in the Commercial Register of Bratislava 1, Section Sro, Insert 130380 / B.

2. Buyer is any natural or legal person who submits the electronic form with the order of the goods / products.
3. These Complaints Rules govern the legal relationship between the Seller and the Buyer in dealing with complaints concerning the accuracy and quality of goods and services provided by the Seller.
4. Complaints for the purposes of this Complaint Order means the Buyer's claimed right of liability for defects in goods or services provided by the Seller requiring a remedy or compensation for faulty performance, non-fulfillment of the subject matter of the contract.

5. The seller declares that a full guarantee is provided for all goods offered under the applicable legal regulations and 24-month warranty conditions for the sale of goods for private use (Section 620 (1) of the Civil Code) and 12 months if the buyer is an entrepreneur and the product purchases for a business activity (Section 429 (2) of the Commercial Code). The warranty period begins with the date of receipt of the goods.

6. The warranty shall not apply to the normal wear and tear of the goods by its use, nor to defects in the goods caused by its use contrary to the purpose of use, mechanical damage, the expose of the goods by dangerous consequences of weathering and environmental influences and unauthorized interference with the goods. For defects caused by incorrect use of the goods, the seller does not answer.

Recovery procedure.

1. Pursuant to this RP, the Beneficiary may file a complaint in person, in writing or by electronic mail.
2. The complaint shall in particular show:
• Who makes the complaint (name, surname, permanent address)
• the subject of the claim or what the Buyer is seeking,
• to whom the complaint is addressed,
• the date of the complaint,
• Signature of the Customer or Signature of the Authorized Person along with the Plenipotentiary.
3. In the event of a complaint being lodged by e-mail or in writing by an Authorized Person in the name of the Purchaser, a power of attorney must be attached to the claim to represent the Customer in the case of a claim.
4. If the claim does not contain the elements listed in paragraph 2 of this Article, it shall be considered as unauthorized.
5. The time limit for handling the claim is no more than 30 days from the date of the claim. The customer shall issue a written document to the client about the furnishing of the claim.
6. Complaint means the date of claim by the Buyer. The day of claiming is considered as:
• for postal items - the date of delivery of the complaint to the Seller
• upon personal delivery - the date on the copy of the complaint, which is confirmed by the ordering party
• when delivered by electronic mail - the day of delivery of the electronic mail message to the Seller's e-mail address.
7. Other legal relations between the Seller and the Buyer expressly not governed by these Complaint Rules shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the individual contracts concluded between the Operator and the Customer, with the relevant provisions of the generally binding legal regulations valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic, in this order.

8. When claiming responsibility for claiming goods, Buyer is required to provide proof of purchase of goods, ie invoice and / or cash receipt, and to notify in writing the nature of the goods claim, with a detailed description of the claim defect. In the case of dispatch of goods, the Buyer is obliged to perform all the necessary actions to protect the goods from damage during transportation. When claiming, the goods must be complete (including accessories) clean and mechanically undamaged. Returned Goods shall be delivered by the Buyer to the Seller at his own expense by post, personally or by courier to: AYWA sro, Bajkalská 12985 / 9B, Bratislava 831 03 . If the claim is accepted by the Seller as reasonable, the goods (repair or replacement) will be sent to the Buyer at Seller's expense.

9. If the repair of the defective goods is not possible or the replacement is not possible, the Seller is entitled to proceed to the cancellation of the contract by issuing a credit note to the Buyer at the purchase price of the goods paid by the Buyer. This provision also applies if the length of the repair exceeds 30 days.

10. If Seller finds that the claimed product is not defective or does not meet the warranty claim criteria, the claim is considered to be unjustified and the product claimed is returned to the Buyer. The Seller reserves the right in relation to the Buyer to claim payment of the shipping costs incurred in connection with an unjustified claim.

11. If the goods are returned to the Seller incomplete, damaged, excessively worn, the Seller is entitled to refuse to accept the consignment with such goods.

12. The Seller shall decide on the merits of the claim, and within 30 days from the date of filing of the complaint, the Seller shall send a written document on the equipment's claim by courier, by post or electronically by e-mail. After the warranty period expires, the right to claim will expire.

13. The Customer is entitled to change or amend this Complaint Ordinance due to changes in the law and the business environment at any time. The Advertiser will determine the current wording of the Complaint Rules by publishing on its website.

This DP is effective and effective from publication on and fully replaces the previous DP. The Operator reserves the right to change the RP without prior notice.

In Bratislava, on 21.11.2018 .